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About Iron Horse Motorcycles



Iron Horse Motorcycles truly began as a Mom & Pop operation. When Mr. Soichiro Honda (1906-1991) first began franchising in the U.S., as American Honda Motor (AHM), Mr. William H. "Bill" Sherrin opened this Honda dealership in 1965—one of the first in the country. Bill's wife and children were an integral part of the business. He also dabbled with small Honda cars and with small aircraft.


Then along came Mike Heafner, current owner/CEO/corporate president of W. H. Sherrin, Inc. dba Iron Horse Motorcycles. Mike owned a non-franchised motorcycle shop in Indian Trail, NC. He was in business with his brother, Dennis Heafner (current corporate Vice President/Service Manager), and his then wife-to-be, Ni-Que Heafner (current corporate Secretary/Treasurer). The only employee other than the three Heafners, was Marty Watkins (an outstanding motorcycle mechanic, second only to the mechanical engineering skills of Dennis and Mike Heafner).


Mike bought the Monroe Honda shop from Bill in 1983 and brought his Indian Trail shop to Monroe for a merger. As such, this Honda shop has been in operation for six decades. They offer full ATV, Side by Side, Motorcycle, scooter sales, service and parts departments.


Iron Horse Motorcycles was considered a Mom & Pop operation into the 1990s. As late as 1985, Iron Horse ranked around 1,200 in the hierarchy of sales for AHM. However, Iron Horse has evolved into a top dealer in the nation, very well known throughout the east coast. Iron Horse no longer qualifies to be literally called a Mom & Pop operation due to our current volume and client base. However, our Mom & Pop attitude has always prevailed. The down home demeanor of Iron Horse that prevailed as a Mom & Pop operation is a way of life for this organization. Something that made us what we are today, and something we never intend to change.


Adults At PlayThis Mom & Pop operation grew out of its original building and relocated in July of 2003. Well, it wasn't much of a relocation. The new facility is across the street and approximately two city blocks southeast. This location better suits the needs of an ever growing business—for customers, employees, and the business itself.


You are cordially invited to visit us anytime and check out our classic motorcycle museum as well.