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Atlas 2017 Defender Dirt Bike Chest Protector

Atlas 2017 Defender Dirt Bike Chest Protector

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Atlas 2017 Defender Dirt Bike Protector

The first advancement in 4 decades.
Traditional chest protectors have been the same for over 40 years - A combination of injection molded plastic, laminated absorbent foam, and a fastening system holding them together. Finally, we are proud to introduce the Defender - The first modern solution to body protection made to integrate seamlessly with your Atlas Brace.
Waterproof. FINALLY.
With inspiration from high end running shoes, we are introducing a big step forward in comfort, durability, and water resistance. The Defender padding is extremely light weight, incredibly tough and tear resistant, and is completely waterproof. Finally, a chest protector you can wash knowing it will not put on water weight, or be wet for your next ride.
Out with the old. In with the new.
Using a high performance padding solution also meant using a high performance assembly technique. Gone are the days of using dozens of cheap, low quality rivets to hold everything together. By bonding the padding to the plastic shell we create a permanent singular assembly with no gaps, loose parts, fasteners, added weight, or protruding plastic features facing the body.
GoPro ready.
Each Atlas Defender comes with a free GoPro camera chest mount. Bolt this optional mount directly to your Defender along with your own GoPro camera to get a perfect view of your riding, racing, or other extreme sports activity.
Integration. And security.
With 5 possible configurations, and the ability be worn under or over a jersey, the Defender is the perfect addition to your Atlas Brace. We even provide built in simple elastic straps to hold your brace in place.

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You save $26.25 (19%)